How to set character limit on the_content() and the_excerpt() in wordpress

You could use a WordPress filter callback function. In your theme’s directory, locate or create a file called functions.php and add the following in: Use the code in your function.php or [...]

How to Show Ajax Add To Cart Button On Custom Product Loop

if you want to add custom add to cart button in your shop page or custom loop you can use below code. Enable This ‘Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives’ from WooCommerce Settings Then Add [...]

Limit Login Attempts in WordPress Without a Plugin

You can restrict WordPress login attempts in WordPress by adding custom code in function.php file.

Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing

There are several aspects to take into account when comparing online marketing vs offline marketing, including cost, level of exposure, convenience, and personalization. Starting with cost; [...]

What is a Landing Page ?

A landing page is designed to describe an offer—maybe a coupon, ebook, or a free trial—and encourage visitors to claim it. Though it’s connected to the website, it spotlights essential elements [...]

What is a Microsite?

If you can’t decide between a landing page vs website, a microsite may be a happy medium. This unique construction shares similarities to both a landing page and a website. A microsite explains a [...]

What Is Google People Card And How To Make It?

On Tuesday, Google announced ‘People Cards’, which will allow users to build an online presence and discover others on Search. As per Google, the feature allows users to create a [...]

WordPress list categories with post count

if you looking for a way to list all categories with all post count. use below code.

WordPress pagination for custom post type without plugin

To paginate a custom post type, use the code below. Note the $paged variable being passed into the query.