Bootstrap 5 navwalker for wordpress

At first, you need to register in the functions.php if menu already not exist. After that, Copy and paste the bootstrap_5_wp_nav_menu_walker class into the functions.php file of your theme. After [...]

COVID-19 Impact on Industries & Sectors in India

Introduction What is COVID19? The corona virus didn’t escape from lab.The source of the coronavirus is believed to be a “wet market” in Wuhan which sold both dead and live [...]

Display Regular And Sale Price in WooCommerce Cart Table

If you want to display regular and sale price in the cart table. add the following code in the functions.php file

Display the Sale price before Regular price in WooCommerce

If you want to display the sale price before regular price, add the following code in the functions.php file

How to access WordPress functions in external file

WordPress functions are very useful and solve lots of issue. But normally, we can access it only inside the wordpress files like themes, plugins etc. Wouldn’t it be great if we can access these [...]

How to add Class in li using functions in wordpress

Sometimes you need to customize the default wordpress menu system to add your own set of css classes. WordPress provides a couple of filters to do that. I use these snippets to add custom classes [...]

How to add custom logo in WordPress theme

If you want to add Custom Logo in your wordpress theme. you can follow below steps. 1) Adding Custom Logo support to your Theme To enable the use of a custom logo in your theme, add the following [...]

How to Add New Tab to My Account Page in WooCommerce

// Note: add_action must follow'woocommerce_account_{your-endpoint-slug}_endpoint' format Use a Shortcode for ContentYou could even use the core WordPress function do_shortcode and render a [...]

How to add span on WordPress Title for second word.

If you want to add two different color in your the title tag. you can use below code.