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Having acquired extensive knowledge in CSS, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, web hosting and DNS, I specialize in complete WordPress development to build engaging and highly functional websites and create intuitive user experiences. For the past 5+ years, I have worked on a range of freelance projects, mobile applications, marketing sites and overall brand management.

To bring visual communications to life and build a website with essential functionalities, custom web development is a mandate. I bring immersive UX to life through coding UIs on CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, MySQL and AJAX.

I started off as a senior web developer and continued in that role for about 4 years, completing 90+ projects in the process. Soon after this, I started focusing primarily on WordPress Development and have worked in executive and senior positions as a WordPress Developer at well-established organizations.

Throughout this period, I have actively taken up freelance WordPress development projects – from custom site design and development for Araxia’s Capital City, Riyadh, web design and development and mobile app creation project for Ukraine Kiev’s Capital City to CMS development, producing commercial products, coming up with coding strategies, conducting beta testing and working on Page Builder.

As a back-end developer, I have always focused on writing efficient, clean and elegant code that would support and strengthen attractive and functional user experiences.

I take pride in the fact that I have developed, deployed codes, launched sites from scratch, maintained and monitored multiple projects with back-end codes, frameworks, libraries and other related technologies. Whether it’s ensuring elegant designs, managing the back-end coding, creating strategies for effective coding and design, carrying out research about related techs and monitoring the project both during and after its completion, I spearhead all the aspects when I take up a project.

Back-end web and app development also mean looking into page speed optimization, enhancing site performance on all devices and search engines and increasing the reliability value of the site to improve conversions. My services in back-end development include:

  • Separate small services that are a part of the back-end development
  • Work with APIs, cloud servers, using different databases
  • Database Sharing, Balancing the load on the website,
  • Integrate payment gateways, security systems and trust badges
  • Remove apps/features that are redundant or increase page load speed
  • Minify codes to improve overall site performance
  • Improve code readability and writing tests

Create speedy, reliable, responsive and dynamic websites