How to create custom Gutenberg blocks in WordPress.

Follow the steps below on how to create Gutenberg block with code: Register Assets & Block Type Note: if you need to design edit-block on dashboard. create block-admin.css and must use [...]

How to create dynamic robots txt file in WordPress without plugin

WordPress generates automatically its own robots.txt and the best way to add your own rules in it, is to use the robots_txt filter. Instead of using plugins or manually creating your robots.txt [...]

How to create separate Login and Registration pages in WooCommerce

If you want to have separate LOGIN, REGISTRATION and MY ACCOUNT pages then you need 3 shortcodes.1) [ab_woo_registration_form] for Register Page2) [ab_woo_login_form] for Login Page3) [...]

How to disable wp-sitemap.xml in WordPress

Sitemaps in WordPress 5.5 By default, WordPress 5.5 includes an extensible core sitemap to help search engines find your most important pages. This sitemap can be created for all queryable post [...]

How to display the total number of posts per page for custom post types in WordPress.

If you want to create custom query for showing Total WordPress posts per page. you can use below code.

How to limit acf field value in WordPress

If you want to limit the ACF field character output. you can use below code. 1) Make sure to use get_field instead of the_field to get the value. 2) I would recommend using the built in WP [...]

How to Make Featured Image Responsive in WordPress

Featured images are not responsive out of the box in WordPress. There is a function add_image_size() to make copies of the featured image with different dimensions, but when it comes to viewing [...]

How to remove custom post type slug from wordpress

First, you need to filter the permalink for your custom post type so that all published posts don’t have the slug in their URLs: